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60 Minute Affiliate Newsletter Issue 7, May 2008

Hello and welcome to the March issue of the 60 Minute Affiliate Newsletter.  I truly hope you find it useful....

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 The best thing that happened in May 2007?

On an internet marketing level, there are a few awesome things that happened to me this month.  Firstly, I managed to get a USFREEADS ad to the top five of Google with over 4 million competitors and over 7000 searches monthly.  I’d pretty much given up on them but I thought I’d give them another shot and am very pleased with the results. 

Secondly, I’ve had an awesome month this month - my best month ever.  In fact I made in the first half of the month pretty much what I made all of last month.

Why?  I’m not sure exactly but I’ve discovered when I start being a little “too lazy” things start to stagnate a bit so I recently decided to do a tad more every single day than I was doing previously and it’s like this massive snowball effect has been happening.

On a personal note the highlight of my month - and one of the best moments of my almost 40 years on the planet - was seeing Phantom Of The Opera.  This has been one of my life’s goals and I achieved it just this past Sunday going with my son and a great friend and her daughter.  It made me so happy I had tears in my eyes when we were applauding. 

In the past I really wouldn’t spend very much on myself at all...I would always spend money for everyone in my family without question but always thought that what I wanted wasn’t important. 

I’ve since changed that and for good reason.

I have a difficult circumstance coming up in July that is going to be very emotionally draining for me and I’ve made a real effort to have these outrageously lavish things going on in the month leading up to it so I’m not focusing on the “trial” that’s round the corner but the wonderful things that are coming up instead...and I feel a lot better for it. 

The worst thing that happened to me this month?

General family seems whenever one of us get sick it gets around to all five of us one by one.  This month (Autumn) has been no exception.  Hopefully we’ll get a break from that for a short while :O) 


Here are a few interesting sites for you to check out: - lists OVER 400 of the TOP directories that accept one-way link submissions...These websites start at PageRank 0 and go all the way up to PageRank 9!  There is absolutely NO charge for this service and you can use it in on as many websites as you like. - get free viral reports sent to your inbox.  If you choose the free option you can rebrand 25 percent of the links in each report with YOUR affiliate links.  The paid version rebrands the entire report.  You will get one free report monthly or four reports if you get the paid monthly membership.

Another bonus is that if you’ve got pdf reports already branded with your link you can submit them there for others to use.  A great concept and one I highly recommend that you check out when you have the time.



Niche domination is everyone’s dream.   The easiest way to do this is by creating individual sites that target low competition phrases.  The lower the competition the quicker and easier you will rank for them and if you have a number of domains that are interrelated you can also link to all of them and get traffic from one site to the other in that piggy back fashion.

Let’s take the example of fly fishing.

Let’s say you could find some low competition moderately searched keywords such as

fly fishing equipment 

fly fishing lures 

fly fishing techniques 

fly fishing contests

you get my drift.

I would register domains with those specific keywords - hyphens or not - you may have to register a net domain or even an org domain if you can’t get the .com and create mini sites for each of those domains.  If your competition is under 1000 or so it’s very easy to rank for them quickly.

If their competition is particularly low you could end up getting a lot of traffic on a daily basis to each of those sites and the traffic from one site could go to another and you could end up having a 400% increase in traffic by creating related topic domains relating to the same niche.

Simply add 10-12 pages of content and that should be enough to suffice if your goal is selling the site. 



 You may end up having so many sites over time you may decide to offload some of them.  The best place to start is at the digital point forum at or

 An example of a good ad for site selling is: 

Subject: - High Paying Keyword Rich Unique Content $900 BIN


fly fishing equipment gets searched for 7000 times per month on Google

the website content is 100 percent unique and will never be reused

95percent of my content sites sell on the first day

high paying keywords for adsense

(an example of the earnings)

very clean, easy to navigate site that is very easy to add more articles to.

 I have numerous keyword rich content sites just like this one.  Most of them are in the top 10 of msn, yahoo and even google. 

The site has been created using traditional white hat methods, there is nothing tricky about it.  I will not be selling this site or the content again.  You will be the owner.  The domain name is registered at .... you need to have a free account there so that I can forward the domain to you.

 Method Of Payment

 Payment is via paypal and full payment must be made within 12 hours of this auction ending.  If you are unable to comply the auction will be immediately relisted.  If you buy it now make sure that you have the funds today.  This is not an auction so if you’re interested payment must be made today.


Tips For Increasing Your Sales Conversions

  • As much as possible ensure that your visitors are prequalified - they understand what your site is about before they get there and what they are going to find when they get there. 

  • In your sales letter deal with your customer’s state at each stage of the deal ie.  first may be scepticism, then you need to explain why they need what you’re selling, build their desire, instil urgency, ask for the sale 

  • Close all doors throughout the sales letter - pre-empt all objections every step of the way

  • Emphasise your unique selling points for reasons only to buy the product from you

  • Close your visitors regularly with powerful closing questions at the end of each stage (ones that they are more likely to answer yes to)

  • Use price conditioning.  This is different to putting a value on your product.  Price conditioning is letting the person know early know your product isn’t free or isn’t cheap or what your competitors charge so that when you come to offer them the product at a certain price they are “pre-conditioned” to expect it to be higher than what you’re offering it for.

  • Build desire and know the right time to ask for the order.

  • Justify the price tag and make sure the potential buy recognises the value for money that they are receiving

  •  Ask for the order multiple times in several different ways

  •  Know how to create urgency and utilise the fear of loss in getting them to make a purchase.

 It's important with all your affiliate sales pages that you address all the objections that your visitors have before they even think of them.  The best way that I have found to do that is with an inexpensive sales letter tool that virtually does it all for you. 

Everything is in the order they should be and it really only takes a few minutes to complete the sales letter.  There is no html knowledge necessary at all.

Click here to check it out (this page was actually written with the software)


Affiliate Products And Split Testing 

The unique selling points that you clearly mention on your sales letter should be readily translatable into real benefits to the customer

 As far as affiliate products go, pick the ones that offer the best value for money for the customer.

 The late Gary Halbert was of the opinion that the most important element of your sales page to test is the actual offer itself.  You can do this by offering different bonuses and/or different product packages.

 How To Test An Affiliate Review Page

 1.  The Format - does an article review work better than recommending a number of products on one page.

 2.  The Headline - does a dramatic headline work better than a factual headline.

 3.  The Actual Review - Does the product convert better with more images, less images, more hype, less hype.  Does different wording have an effect?

 4.  Link Test Wording - Does different wording in the link test bring a different result?

 5.  The Buy Through My Link Offer - Does it convert better if you add your own exclusive bonuses with the purchase or does it detract from sales.

 What should you test first - the thing that you believe is going to have the biggest impact first. 

Click Here to download some awesome affiliate review templates that should improve your credibility and your sales. 


 One on One coaching. 

I've discussed one on one coaching.  Even though this month I have actually made $7,000.00 I still believe in getting help from other people and always educating myself.  There are two sites that I get my one on one coaching from.  I suggest you check them both out if you need advice, support and help with individual sites and making changes to make them more profitable.

Click here for site one.

Click here for site two.

It's important to get help when you need it.  if you become frustrated or overwhelmed you may do something silly like QUITTING!  And I never want that to happen.

I hope you've enjoyed this issue as much as I've enjoyed sharing this information with you.

  Catch you next month....and I hope you have a very successful June 2008!

  Take care,

  Colleen x



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