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60 Minute Affiliate Newsletter Issue 5, 29 April 2008 

Hello and welcome to the March issue of the 60 Minute Affiliate Newsletter.  I truly hope you find it useful....

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 The best thing that happened in April 2007?

I've done a lot of tweaking to a few of my sites that I just wanted to convert better for the traffic they get.  After a month of testing and playing around these changes have finally paid off and there has been a big increase in their conversion rate.

Just by perusing my competition on google I have found a new source for getting on the top 5 of google within 30 minutes. Now I'm not going to share this one because it's very valuable to me - it doesn't involve submitting articles or videos. squidoo, hub pages or anything like that but I highly recommend that you really keep your eyes out when looking at your competition to see what others are doing to get marketed.

I registered a new domain on 7 april, created the site and am already getting targetted traffic from google, yahoo and msn and have already made three sales.  That's proof that some sites can take off really quickly and if you optimize your sites properly they do get free search engine traffic fast.


The Benefits of other people's newsletters - I received an awesome email from Marlon Sanders this week - the main portion I'm going to copy and paste as well as a link to his site.  I'm sure you'll find it beneficial

Google Top Ten Rankings: How to Really Get Top Ten Rankings
In Google In 37 Minutes, Really, For Real!

Subtitle:  Why Everyone Is Choosing The Keywords For Their
Articles, Blogs Web 2.0 Sites, and Videos In The Wrong Way
And The Only Way That Makes Sense.

Subtitle:  Eleven easy steps to those top ten Google rankings

By Marlon Sanders

I'm not a big seo person. 

But, I'm working on a new product, so I have to get my ducks
in a row.  I have a shocking SEO secret to share here I bet
you haven't heard before.

I'm gonna break this down for you really easy.

The first thing people do in search engine optimization, that
is creating pages to get ranked in the search engines is to
find key words to target with their pages.

This is the link to the easiest free tool I've found:

So you type in your topic and hit submit.  What most people
then do is look for keywords that have a smaller number of
daily searches.  So, for example, if you type in the key
word "dog training" you might select "dog training collars"
instead of dog training.

The wrong way to do it is to choose keywords by a low number
of daily or monthly searches, assuming that means low

Let me show you this:

You can have a word in Google that LOOKS like it has
two MILLION pages to compete against. Yet, in reality, there
are almost none.

Type this in Google:  sales letters cold calls

When you type it without quotes, I use the pay per click
terminology and call it the "broad phrase."

If you look at the number of search results Google returns,
it's in the range of 1,790,000.  The ebooks you read will
telll you to choose keywords with under 1,000,000 results.

But that is WRONG.  Check it out.  Type this in:

"Sales Letters Cold Calls"

In other words, do it in quotation marks. That searches ONLY
sites with the exact phrase.

Now look at the results:

SEVEN!  There are ONLY 7 basic sites to compete against.

Let me prove this works.  Look at this:

sales letter cold calls

That's singular instead of plural "letter".  239,000 results.

Now type it in in quotes -- "sales letter cold calls".
I call that the exact phrase.

There are FOUR results!  And the first two are mine.  I am
listed in page two.  And I only submitted the page on
Apr 25, 2008 03:30:17 GMT

Here's another:

greatest direct mail sales letters

368,000 results.

The exact phrase in quotes?  Only 1,760.  And look at number

That would be MY page.  And I only submitted it on
 Apr 25, 2008 03:30:41 GMT.
Literally a few of these rankings I got in 30 minutes to one
hour!  See, when you're really only competing against 4 sites
or 2,000 sites, it's NOT so hard!

NOTICE:  Since I've publicly posted these results, I'm sure they'll get
zapped. That almost always happens when you make something like this
public.  The sites you post publicly are sacrificial lambs to demonstrate
your point.

Here is how to get YOUR top ten rankings TODAY!  Like in one
hour from now if you're lucky.

Step one:  Go to:

I usually just go to and type my term in the box at the right.
You can also use or ANY other keyword tool.

Step two:  Search your topic

Step three:  Start selecting keyword phrases and type them into Google
with the exact phrase in quotes.

Step four:  Find a phrase that has only a few search results.  Preferably
under 10. But under 2,000 is good.

Let's say you bought the private label rights to an ebook on dog training.
You type in:  training dog choke collars.  You see 1,850,000 results. YUK.
But in quotes "training dog choke collars" you find only THREE stupid

This is taking top ten Google rankings like taking candy from a baby!

Step five:  Build several web 2.0 sites on the exact phrase as the
title.  Post an article to the site with the phrase in the title
and in in the article once in bold.

For example, a squidoo lens on "training dog choke collars"
would be

Blogger would be:

Write quality content that is unique and original if possible.

Try these properties:

Step six:  Digg your new site at

Step seven: Submit a story on it to
(Just a few paragraphs with your URL.)

If it's a blog, you can submit the URL with or

Step eight:  Put the URL in a Twitter.
(Sign up at  This one I'm not sure works.  I've
read it does.

Step nine:  After one hour, paste the URL of the site into
Google and search for it. For example, if this was your blog,
you'd paste the whole URL into Google search:

Now, as you can SEE, it ain't in there.  I don't know why!
I'm still learning nuances. I've only been at this four

Step ten:  Add new posts to your site, new articles,
videos or content daily.

Step eleven:  Every time you add new content, posts, videos or
articles to your site, bookmark it with a couple of the
bookmarking services like simpy, or furl.
You "might" use for this. I'm not sure on that

On most ALL the sites, there's a way to "insert video"
and you simply put in your youtube URL and BOOM!  You have a
video on the site.

At the end of the day, you need content humans WANT to read.
You create sites for humans, NOT GOOGLE!  At the end of the
day, you gotta have sites people want to read and that help
and benefit them.

Otherwise, your site won't be evergreen.

Oh, updating your site frequently is how you keep the Google
bot coming there and how you stay IN the rankings without
sliding down.

Now, if you're lucky, Google will spider and list the site in
under an hour.  I got mine in there in 37 minutes. Thus, the
title of this article.

On the other hand, I have some Squidoo pages, a Blogger blog
and a Wordpress blog that I can't even get Google to spider
yet. I'm trying to figure THAT one out!

If any of you are seo gurus and can tell me WHY these sites
get NO Google love, post on my blog:
It doesn't show up in Google at all.

OK. So you have to create sites in multiple web 2.0 properties.
Some will stick. Some won't. What Melvin Perry, an seo guru I
like told me is with different niches, different things work

In some niches a Blogger blog or Wordpress blog does great.
In some, it's Squidoo.  It depends on the niche.

If you do more than one of these sites a week, go to:

Download the Safari browser and do ALL your work in it vs.
Firefox or IE. Why?  If you select "Edit, private browsing" it
turns off cookies and  history. 

If you're checking your sites all the time, I have a feeling
(but no proof) Google then thinks you're an seo king and
they penalize you. But don't quote me on that.

I think that is why several of my sites above aren't spidered.
I searched them too many times using Firefox and Google figured
I must be up to no good!

So, I'm NOT saying it's all gonna work 100% of the time.  At
least, not until I figure some more things out.

Back to work.


For free podcasts, free videos, free articles, go to:



It is very important when building affiliate landing pages that you build as much credibility as you possibly can with your visitors.  There is one way of doing this that should increase your credibility, build more trust and increase the amount of click throughs of your affiliate link to the merchant’s product page that you are promoting.

 One way of doing this is adding a directory on your website called recommends.

 This recommends folder will be the place where you place all your cloaked affiliate links.  I will discuss why you need an affiliate cloaker a little later.

 Now let’s say that you are promoting the ebook sit stay fetch as an example.

 If your website is called and you place your cloaked affiliate link into your recommends directory and the link is sitstayfetch.html the link that you will finish up with will look like below:

 Just placing the link in a directory folder can help you appear to be more impartial.  Recommends is a powerful word and is one that can significantly increase your sales conversions.  I highly recommend that you put it into practice as soon as you are able to.

 If you aren’t using an affiliate cloaker you really need.  This is the best way to ensure that no-one steals your affiliate commissions.  The affiliate cloaker software that I use does one other thing that helps me appear to be more of an authority than someone who is trying to make a sale.  When a visitor clicks on my link it goes straight to the name of the page rather than appearing as though it is an affiliate link.   

For example using the link example above, instead of the top of the page having the url when they get to the merchant page it simply states

 This makes it look as though I am simply recommending a product without looking as though I’m making any money from it. 

 If I’ve learnt anything online people don’t like thinking that someone is making money on THEIR choices and decisions.  For more information on this affiliate cloaker software program click here...


Are you stuck wondering what to put in the meta description for your website? 

If you’ve got a great headline then simply insert the headline into your meta description.  However, I would recommend that before you do this that you have as your very first words the main keywords that you are targeting for your site. 

For example, say we’re using sit stay fetch up above and your keywords are Sit Stay Fetch Review

 Your meta description would be

 Sit Stay Fetch Review - Shocking Review Exposes The Truth About Sit Stay Fetch.  Don’t Buy Sit Stay Fetch Till You Read This Review.


Great Article Writing - Separating The Winners From The Losers!

 It’s easy to write an article.  You can write a really bad article in about 10 minutes and a really good one in about 15 minutes. 

 Here are some key components that EVERY article you write should contain.

 1.  A compelling headline

2.  Short paragraphs

3.  Sub headings

4.  Bullet points

5.  A straight to the point summary

6.  A lead in to the bio so that it’s only natural that they visit your site

 A great article doesn’t have to be lone but it should be interesting to the reader, it should never bore the reader, it should provide quality information, it should not provide ALL the information in the one article, it should be very easy to read and very easy to get to the good points.

 Don’t think too hard about the article you are writing.  It doesn’t have to be the best article on the topic, it just has to be a good article that is informative and interesting. 

If you love article writing so much you can actually get paid for submitting original articles to 

 They will actually pay you $6.00 or $7.00 for the rights to your article so if you enjoy writing so much or have a fantastic person who writes articles for you for $2.00 or so you could even submit those articles to associated content and still make $4.00 profit for having done nothing.

 Food for thought! 


How To Get Backlinks To Your Inner Pages 

You may not be aware of this but you don’t have to link to your home page with Ezine Articles.  You are able to link to your internal pages via EA also.  So your home page may promote a range of products and you just want to write an article on one particular product, then write the article and link to the specific product page on your site.


There is much discussion online about the quality and quantity of links needed to get high search engine rankings and a higher page rank.  Reciprocal link exchange programs are a controversial topic.

As you already know, I am a firm believer in the benefits of three way linking programs.  One such program has seen me ranking high for many of my sites in Google very quickly.  Click here to learn more about this program.

Some linking programs are very strict about the kind of sites that they include in the program and that can be difficult if  you have a site that doesn't meet their guidelines. 

I have quite a few of these sites - even one about Yoga that was considered "religion based" and therefore slightly controversial. 

There is one automatic link exchange program that I find vital to my online marketing efforts.  The more sites you have in the program the cheaper your membership becomes.

I'm a firm believer that there are always a few things that you must actually pay for to be successful online and one of those things that I would not be without for any of my sites is link exchanges and three way links of some kind.

I have been using this program for a few months now - results?

Ranking high in MSN and Yahoo and starting to rank high in Google too.

The small cost is a tiny price to pay for free traffic from the search engines....we all know - the more traffic the more sales you should get.

Check it out here

I hope you've enjoyed this issue as much as I've enjoyed sharing this information with you.

  Catch you next month....and I hope you have a very successful May 2008!

  Take care,

  Colleen x


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