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60 Minute Affiliate Newsletter Issue 4, 28 March 2008 

Hello and welcome to the March issue of the 60 Minute Affiliate Newsletter.  I truly hope you find it useful....

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 The best thing that happened in March 2007?

Three things really...I had my biggest day yet this month...$620.00 in one day.  That was an exciting day for me and totally unexpected. 

The second thing is that I'm now number 4 on google for one of my site's main keywords which has around 850,000 in competitors.  I'm number 2 (or number one on Oz Google) for my second keyword phrase...and the site is only about six months old.  I will go into a little more detail about how I've achieved this ranking.  In the near future I do expect to get to at least 2 if not number one.

Of course, the best thing about this month is my youngest child Scarlett turns 3 on Sunday.....Happy Birthday my beautiful Scarlett...(big party planned)...balloons, fairy bread, pass the parcel, tacos...the works :O)

The worst thing that happened this month....

Having changed an index page so many times I uploaded a page without the right article links working....thankfully somebody was kind enough to point that out to me so I'm very grateful :O)

It's always important to check your links on your sites, your affiliate links, and your article links are all it will ruin your credibility if they're not.


FREE TOOL OF THE MONTH - - I love this site.  Go to free tools section and you'll be able to:

  • check server issues

  • view the source code of any page on the web

  • view the keyword activity for words and phrases across google, yahoo and msn (my personal favourite)

  • analyze keyword density

  • view your keyword competition

  • link analysis report and much more...


  Landing Page Tips - The Warrior Forum members took this webmaster by the hand and helped him recently perfect his web page.  View it for yourself and get inspired



How To Make The Search Engines Believe Your HTML Sites Are A Blog - Without Wordpress

Now this is really a fantastic technique to treat your normal html non-blog website as if it's a the same time making the search engines believe that it IS, in fact, a blog.

One of the reasons why blogging is SO effective as a website building tool is the ease of the control panel, the quickness of blog posts and pages getting indexed, and the places that you can ping to let them know that you've added new content to your blog for more search engine traffic.

However, I've learnt something recently that allows my html websites to perform as if they are a blog. 

The three things that make a blog stand out from other html websites:

1.  The sitemap

2.  The RSS feed

3.  Free pinging services

now here's how it works.

Once you've uploaded your pages to your html website you need to create a sitemap of your website and then upload it to your server. Do a google search looking for sitemap generators to help you for the actual sitemap creation.

When you have done that you need to create an RSS feed for your site.  Now I have been lucky enough to purchase a piece of software that performs these two functions for me with ease.  However, if you do another search on Google or similar you should be able to find a free tool to help you to create an RSS feed that you also upload to your site.

Now....when you have uploaded your sitemap and your RSS feed to your server at the bottom of EVERY page of your website you create a link to your Sitemap AND to your RSS feed (that makes it easy for your visitors to interact with your website).

Now if you are wanting to index a brand new website then go to a free online pinging service and do a ping of every page of your website, including the specific page url AND the RSS FEED - but only one to two times a day.  No more or the search engines will think you're spamming them. 

This will allow you to get your web pages indexed so much faster than normal while also getting your websites listed at places like technorati and other places that are normally exclusively for blogs. 

Give it a try...I'm sure you'll like it as much as I do.


 How To Outrank Your Competitors Even Faster By Building Natural Backlinks Automatically

    Now one of the best ways to get the attention of search engines is by making all your sites look like an authority site...

Now in the past simple one page websites have been just as effective as other sites in getting high search engine rankings.

However, it's my belief that's about to change...

The reason for this is that it's been far too easy for virtually any site to rank well, even in Google, particularly with the right backlinking strategy and keyword density.  However, those sites just aren't going to stand the test of time for too much longer.

To Earn An Affiliate Income Indefinitely Into The Future You Have To Build Sites For The Long Haul...

Without fail, all my high ranking sites have one thing in common - they appear to be authority sites...not one page affiliate pages but comprehensive websites with anything from 35 to more than 100 pages just off the bat.  Now, of course, I grow my sites to be more than 100 pages with a blog.  However, at first instance when I start every new site, it's at least 15 pages from the moment it's launched.  That's because I want to appear like an authority site from the moment it goes live.  Once I've done all the onpage optimization that I need to do I focus on off page factors.

Of course, most of you know that a lot of that is focused on article writing.  However, as with the site I'm now number 2 and number 4 on Google for, I focused on extensive link building...and the extensive natural building of one way links to my site.  What makes my sites stand out from many others is that I have one way links pointing to my sites in a slow, natural methods (not all at once that makes it look spammy) and this makes the search engines - particularly Google - even more convinced that I am an authority website because hundreds of other websites seem to think so too.

Now this service isn't free, but neither should it for the 2360 of Number 1 sites on Google that have resulted since its launch.  However, at less than $50.00 it's not a hard choice, if you're serious about earning a solid affiliate income online then I truly think you can't afford to be without it.  Click here to learn more

And the great thing is that the older your site gets and the more one way links get indexed to your site your rankings are only going to get higher.

Your purchase also comes with a 60 money back guarantee so you can try it for yourself for 60 days at no risk. 

Click here to sign up for an account right now!

Taking Linking Power To The Next Level...



  Catch you next month....

  Take care,

  Colleen x

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