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60 Minute Affiliate Newsletter Issue 4, 19 February 2008 

Hello and welcome to the first issue of the 60 Minute Affiliate Newsletter for 2008.  I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and that 2008 is your best year online yet!

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  The best thing that happened to me in the past month??

  It was wonderful to spend time with friends and family over Christmas.  My online work really went on the backseat while I enjoyed some much needed R and R.

  Affiliate marketing wise, I was ecstatic to discover the one of my websites which is in a health niche was in the top 5 of Google.  What is great about this is that the site is only four months old and it is competing with over 1.6 million other websites for the phrases that I targeted.  This proved to me that what I was doing with my onpage seo and off page seo was on the ball and working well for me. 

  Another great thing that happened was that I wanted to target a niche phrase that gets tens of thousands of views a month.  Now I submitted the article to Ezine Articles and it was declined because it contained a drug name.  However, there was already an article on Ezine Articles targeting the same terms in the summary.  What did I do?  I deleted the article at EA, i submitted it to articlesbase, got it approved within about six hours.  Then paid for bulk social bookmarking submissions promoting the articlesbase article and got to number 2 on Google within a couple of days, and blitzed the EA article out of the water. 



  Why Google Is NOT The Be All And End All

  Now every affiliate marketer dreams of their affiliate sites ranking high to earn significant commissions every month.  Truth be told, Google is not the be all and end all.  If for example you are targeting a keyword phrase for your niche site that gets 10,000-30,000 searches every month on Google alone, you can infer from that that it probably has around half those searches on Yahoo and probably a quarter of those searches per month on MSN.  Now Yahoo and MSN traffic is nothing to be squeezed at and, in fact, a lot of marketers forget about Google altogether and focus on these other search engines. 

 In fact, for one of my websites I am not ranked high in Google at all, however, I'm one and two on MSN and Yahoo for my keywords and that traffic, plus the articles and blog posts gets me about $800.00-$1000.00 PER WEEK and is currently my most profitable website on an individual basis.

 Now here are some MSN tips for getting high search engine rankings for MSN.

  1. only target three keywords

  2. get a lot of backlinks to your site

  3. target multiple keywords on separate pages

  4. the more words you have in your title the lower you will rank

  5. have a h1 tag of your main keyword

  6. use h2 tags for your other keywords

  7. have a keyword density of 15-20 percent

  8. use bold, italic and underline for your keywords once on the page

  9. have a text link for your main keyword at the bottom of every page of your website

  10. put your keywords in the text of the links of your affiliate links


  Why Your Rankings Can Increase By Having Your Own Affiliate Program For Your Websites Promoting Other People's Products

      This is something I only recently discovered myself and am taking advantage of now because I have a couple products that I publish myself and have promoted by Clickbank affiliates.

     When you have your own affiliate program that other people promote you are getting hundreds, if not thousands of targeted backlinks to your site (you can assume other people have sites related to your niche).  These quality backlinks are very valuable in all the search engines, particularly Google. 

    The key is NOT having your main index page promoting the product but creating a separate index page that is just for clickbank affiliates.  This is also something I've had to do as a result of software out there that my affiliates have used and then "stolen" my search engine rankings and having my site domain showing their affiliate link rather than my main page.

    Now let's say for example that you want to promote a product about snoring, like a spray, supplement for example.  What I would suggest that you do is find a private label product about snoring.  Modify it and make it your own, make sure it's quality of course, add it to the Clickbank affiliate program, indexcb.html page, or something similar so that you can still have an index page.  Build up your affiliate program yourself and then add an index to the main site promoting a high converting snoring product.  This can be really quite powerful and effective for building high quality, relevant backlinks in the search engines.


I get quite a few emails from people who are stumped about how to start or complain that they don't have the time to do anything.  Now the question is how much do you want your life to change?  How much more money do you want in your bank account?  The truth is if you do nothing different, your life will remain precisely the same. 

Of course there are always a lot better things to do than sitting in front of a pc and working....but if you want more money, if you want a new car, if you want to buy a house, if you have dreams to fulfill then sometimes there are sacrifices.  However, those time sacrifices that you make now could mean that you can quit your day job some time in the future and work from home for the rest of your life.

Not really much of a sacrifice, is it?

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