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60 Minute Affiliate Newsletter Issue November 2007

60 Minute Affiliate Newsletter Issue 8 November 2007 

Hello and welcome to the first issue of the 60 Minute Affiliate Newsletter.

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 PS:  I’m getting this newsletter out a little earlier than normal because I really wanted you to get access to this info quickly and take FULL advantage of it!




The best thing that happened to me in the past month??

 Two things…

 I’ve made it to the top 5 in google for my two main keywords which get over 10000 searches on google alone in a site that I created only a few months ago so I’m ecstatic about that!

 I’d used the Wordtracker trial on and off over the years and then I had a trial of Derek Gehl’s search engine lab course (which I highly recommend) and I watched videos explaining more of the power of Wordtracker.  In fact, as a result of watching this Video I bought a domain on one of the keywords that they’d suggested.

 Now with Wordtracker in particular, the higher the KEI the better the keyword for your website and optimization.

 I spent about a week or so on Wordtracker and was getting average key - probably 100 the highest, 10 is supposed to be okay, anything over 400 is excellent!

 Well, after thinking that there were no such things as insanely high KEI keywords I hit pay dirt, and I mean big time.

 this keyword phrase has NO competition, has a KEI of 3025 (yes, you read that right) and gets 46 searches A DAY on Google.  Truth be told, there are four keywords with a KEI more than 1000 with virtually NO competition!

 What did I do?

 I immediately did a search for an affiliate program, joined it, installed the blog and will get the new blog up and running.  I already have an article ready to go on the topic!

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 The worst thing that happened to me in the past month?



 What I learnt in the last month…

 I started playing around with one of my most profitable sites - why, I don’t know, probably wanted to increase the return from it.  It had a hideously ugly blog theme, however, it sold very well on a daily basis.

 Then I thought of changing it to another theme which listed all my pages down in the side bar.

 The result??

 A MASSIVE drop in earnings over a 3 week period.  One week I even made nil when I average at least $500 a week.

 I kept going round in my head thinking what had happened.  Basically I decided that the PAGES in the sidebar were DISTRACTING the visitor from making a buying a decision.

 Most visitors were reading the extra pages but they weren’t buying.

 So I made the decision to revert back to my last wordpress theme and the sales then came pouring straight in.

 Two morals there - if it ain’t broken don’t fix it!

 Second, I think if you are only promoting ONE product on a theme or site too many other pages can be distracting to your visitors. This is probably not the case with a MOTHER SITE that promotes multiple products on it, however, invariably too much information CAN be a disadvantage.

 TIP OF THE MONTH:  I only found this out very recently and am quite surprised that it’s not more widely publicised but the truth of the matter is that you CAN actually install wordpress blogs on a subdomain. 

 What this means is that you DON’T have to actually buy a new domain every time you want to create a wordpress blog.  Simply purchase one domain and create a sub domain for each blog.  This is a great way to test a market first without expending a lot of money and something that I have also started implementing with great success.

 If you are going to purchase a domain specifically for this purpose make it sound like an informative and generic review site domain.

 Niche Marketing Tip - Having trouble finding niches to brainstorm?  Join - every day you will receive free of charge a new niche together with number of searches per month PLUS keywords related to the topic, and how much people are paying for the keyword in pay per click campaigns.

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 If you spend a lot of time reading magazines looking for potential hot market niches, a brand new website has made the task much easier for you.

It creates 100 word abstracts of articles from more than 50 magazines.

Instead of having to read bundles of magazines you can now
find a market niche much faster by just visiting the website below.

Hope this helps some of you.

I suggest you bookmark it and refer to it regularly to make finding a market niche a lot less time consuming and painstaking.

 Free Wordpress Theme Generator

After a free wordpress theme generator online?  No worries, go to and use the free one there!



This is something that I stumbled upon really quite by accident while doing keyword research and then decided to take full advantage of it.

 Say for example that you are promoting, for argument sake, a video course about potty training your puppy and in your keyword research you discover that a competitor’s product gets a lot of monthly searches and you want to cash in on that traffic too. 

 Easy.  Simply write some articles with the topic your actual competitor’s product or website and do a review about it.  Make sure THEIR product name or website is in the title and your main keywords through and THEN in your author bio box redirect them, and give them a reason to click on your url and learn more about the product that YOU are promoting rather than the competitor’s product that you have been discussing in the article! 

I have actually written articles about a competitor’s website that gets tens of thousands of searches on a monthly basis and I am syphoning that traffic to my own site.

 For example:

 Learn how to potty train your puppy in 7 days, guaranteed!  Let’s face it…a puppy that’s not toilet trained is a nightmare.  It’s unsanitary, horrible to look at, smelly, a health hazard and harmful to timber floors and carpets.  I can show you how to potty train your puppy in just 7 days and I guarantee it.  To get started with your puppy training just go straight to….

 It’s really as simple as that to get traffic from your competitors through article marketing and benefiting from their good reputation.

 So get started.



 I thought this may help some of you look into the credibility of any online business that you are thinking of dealing with, or purchasing a product from.

 If you go to the Better Business Bureau at you can insert a name, url etc into a search box and it will come up with relevant websites.  

You can then do a search to find if they are a bureau member, if there have ever been any government actions against the company, if there is a question about the truth of their advertisement, and also a complaint history for that company.

 Not only can this help with any buying decisions that you make but also with researching affiliate companies. 

This may help some of you with your buying decisions online.


 Road Test Of A Lazy Affiliate Marketer


 You know how I don’t like working too hard for my money.  I recently downloaded a fascinating ebook about lazy affiliate marketing.  The author gives an extremely informative account of his lazy affiliate marketing techniques PLUS some real innovative methods that netted him nearly $10,000 in one day – and that method involved NO article writing, pay per click or even having his own website.

 I’ve already started putting these methods into place and I’m really impressed with the results.

 At under $30.00 it’s a real steal and comes with a money back guarantee.

 I highly recommend it if you are looking for easy methods to make money as an affiliate marketer.

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 Here is my rating of this product:

 Price 5.5/5

 Quality of Product 5/5

 Innovativeness and Uniqueness 4.5/5

 Ease To Put Into Place 4/5

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 I hope you have enjoyed the November 2007 issue of the 60 Minute Affiliate Newsletter.  If you have any feedback or suggestions send them to

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