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60 Minute Affiliate Newsletter Issue 1 October 2007


Hello and welcome to the first issue of the 60 Minute Affiliate Newsletter.

 I do apologise for the slight delay in its publication but I’ve had the flu for a couple of weeks and it has really set me back but I feel great now.

 I hope by now you have all you the chance to read my free 60 Minute Affiliate Guide.  If not please do so asap as it contains very valuable information about making consistent earnings with affiliate marketing. 

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 PS:  I’ve not yet decided how I’m going to style this newsletter so I may make some changes along the way.  Rest assured that I will do my best to make it interesting and informative.  I also like to have some interaction with my readers in my newsletters so keep a look out for that happening in the future also. 



 PS:  There are bonuses for you featured in this issue so look out for them :O)


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The Worst Thing That Happened This Month?

When I hadn't updated my new credit card with paypal and it cancelled ALL my subscriptions at the same time :O(

The Best Thing That Happened This Month?

Making contact with another Australian internet marketer and hopefully teeing up for a cuppa some time in the near future :O)

Making Real Inroads With Affiliate Marketing…


 I hope by now that you are having some success with affiliate marketing.

 It was not so long ago for me that I was earning dribs and drabs as an affiliate - really a couple hundred dollars a month last year - and now while working full time in September 2007 I made $5200.00!

 That’s not to brag but to show that it is possible…with consistent effort and a lot of belief in yourself.

 The truth is I don’t have that many websites and actually aren’t promoting that many products (not near enough as I’d like to be).  However, I have put the effort in to make sure that they are functioning, earning and increasing in passive income for me…and spent a lot of time when I first started releasing a lot of articles to the world, primarily through Ezine Articles.  Actually last time I checked I have released about 394 articles through EA on about 12 niches - not that many niches really but a lot of articles.


 While some people may not necessarily agree with me, when I started out I decided to focus on websites that earn high commissions.  While some people will argue and say you can earn just as much with a product that earns lower commissions but converts highly I thought to myself if I’m going to go to the time and effort of article marketing on a particular subject, it takes just as much time to write an article that sells a product where I earn $20.00 commission as it does to write an article that earns me $100.00 commission.

 So I made the choice when starting out being a 60 minute affiliate to start with creating blogs where I earn a high commission - around the $100.00 range.  However, that being so if I can earn less but get commissions on re-orders that’s still very valuable.

 It takes just as much time to create a blog that promotes a high commission product as it does to create one that only pays you $10.00.  Also, it is really no harder to presell to your visitors on a more expensive product than a cheaper one if it’s done right.

 So if you’re starting out or not having the kind of success that you would like then try giving this strategy a go.

 Promoting high commission products around the $100 mark has allowed me to have days where I make more than $500.00 simply because I’ve made four or five sales and earnt $100.00 for each product. 

If you compare that with making $20.00 commission for five sales and earning $100.00 you can see how promoting some high commission products is part of the success of a 60 Minute Affiliate. 

However, that being said if you can convert visitors into buyers for a product that doesn’t earn you as much but gives you a good cashflow every month that’s great and keep going with it as well. 


 Many affiliate marketers don’t take full advantage of writing press releases.  I would suggest that every time that you launch a new blog or website you announce it to the world through a free press release service. 

 “So and so is proud to announce the launch of her new website which teaches …. how to make money online…or explains how weight loss is possible with…”

 Include a quote from yourself which could explain how this product is very popular online but people are left confused or disadvantaged in some way but how your website cures that problem or answers the questions etc.

 Your press doesn’t need to be long but it needs to be informative and not sound like you are trying to sell anything in your press release but inform the world of whatever you are announcing. 

With many free press release services you are able to use keywords for seo purposes.  I would recommend that when you write your press release that you target keywords that you would like to rank for in the title of your press release, in the first paragraph and also in the last paragraph. 

 TIP:  There are such a range of free press release services there is nothing stopping you writing a press release and distributing it through one service, rewriting it and making it unique and distributing it through another service etc.  If you do this however, I would recommend that you target new keywords that you would hope to rank well for because you would be surprised how much traffic that you can get.

 PS:  If you aren’t confident in writing a press release you could either have a look at already published press releases at these services and get an idea of how to write them or alternatively go to the Warrior Forum or Digital Point Forum and pay a few dollars for one to be written for you :O) 

Here are a range of press release services that I recommend:



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 I hope you have enjoyed this issue.

 Please let me know about your success following the 60 minute affiliate program by sending me an email to 

Till Next Time. 








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